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I am doing PhD at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC · BarcelonaTECH), on modeling properties of daytime atmospheric boundary layers (ABL) for different environmental conditions to improve: 1) parametrizations of cloud formation for climate research; 2) characterization of wind properties for wind energy applications. In particular: ● study barotropic daytime ABLs using large eddy simulations (LES) and open-source C++ code OpenFOAM. ● study the entrainment zone (EZ) properties for different environmental, surface, and terrain conditions. ● study the use of wall modeling in LES (WMLES) to reproduce important ABL flow characteristics.

My PhD supervisors are Adeline Villardi de Montlaur and David Pino González from UPC, and Juan Pedro Mellado González from Universität Hamburg. As part of the PhD work, I had a year-long research visit at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC · CNS) to learn High-Performance Computing (HPC) techniques to conduct CFD simulations using parallel multi-physics code.