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All the events.

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And as a list:

1st exaFOAM Summer School17 October 202219 October 2022Bologna, Italy
Events/15th International OpenFOAM Workshop22 June 202025 June 2020George Mason University, Virginia, USA
1st preCICE Workshop17 February 202018 February 2020Technical University of Munich, Germany
PFAU 19 Austrian User Meeting26 November 2019Leoben, Austria
Events/13th International OpenFOAM Workshop24 June 201829 June 2018Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
PFAU 15 Austrian User Meeting11 December 2017Leoben, Austria
Events/12th International OpenFOAM Workshop24 July 201727 July 2017University of Exeter, Great Britain, Europe
Events/PFAU 14 Austrian User Meeting6 July 20176 July 2017Address: 8010 Graz, Inffeldgasse 21a Room: IMEG 140
Events/11th International OpenFOAM Workshop26 June 201630 June 2016Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Guimarães, Portugal, Europe
Events/Deadline for foam-extend-3.328 April 2016Worldwide
Events/PFAU XII Austrian User Meeting15 March 201615 March 2016Volkshochschule Stadtbibliothek Linz - Wissensturm Kärntnerstraße 26, 4020 Linz, Austria
PFAU 11 Austrian User Meeting26 November 2015Leoben, Austria
Events/Gothenburg Region OpenFOAM User Group Meeting, 201511 November 201511 November 2015Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. Room: Fakultetsvåningen, Gibraltargatan 1A (top floor)
3rd ESI OpenFOAM User Conference19 October 201521 October 2015Stuttgart
Events/A Guide to Hybrid RANS-LES methods23 September 2015Heythrop Park, Oxfordshire, UK
PFAU X - Austrian User Group Meeting8 July 2015Institute for Process and Particle Engineering

Graz University of Technology Inffeldgasse 13

8010 Graz Austria
Events/10th International OpenFOAM Workshop29 June 20152 July 2015Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
News/ Events/Deadline for next release of foam-extend (December 2014)10 November 2014
2nd ESI OpenFOAM User Conference7 October 20149 October 2014Berlin
Events/9th International OpenFOAM Workshop23 June 201426 June 2014Zagreb, Croatia
Events/foam-extend-3.1 released18 June 2014Everywhere, World
PFAU 8.0 Austrian User Meeting16 June 2014Vienna, Austria
Events/Testing phase for foam-extend-3.18 June 2014Everywhere, World
Events/Deadline for foam-extend-3.125 May 2014Everywhere, World
PFAU 7.0 Austrian User Meeting18 November 2013Leoben, Austria
Events/Open Source CFD International Conference 201324 October 201325 October 2013Hamburg, Germany
PFAU 6.0 Austrian User Meeting24 June 2013Graz, Austria
8th International OpenFOAM Workshop11 June 201314 June 2013Jeju, Korea
PFAU 5.0 Austrian User Meeting12 November 2012Linz, Austria
OpenSource CFD Conference 201229 October 201230 October 2012London, UK
7th OpenFOAM Workshop25 June 201228 June 2012Darmstadt, Germany, Europe
3rd Dutch User Meeting12 June 201212 June 2012Delft, Netherlands
6th OpenFOAM Workshop13 June 201116 June 2011Penn State University,USA
2n OpenFOAM® Training Brazil3 December 20103 December 2010Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazilhttp://
OpenSource CFD Conference 20104 November 20105 November 2010Munich, Germany
Second Mid Atlantic User Group Meeting23 October 201023 October 2010Ann Arbor, MI, USA
First Meeting of the Local User Group Austria10 September 2010Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)
5th OpenFOAM Workshop21 June 201024 June 2010Chalmers university in Göteborg, Sweden
OpenSource CFD Conference 200912 November 200913 November 2009Barcelona

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