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Jun 8, 2014 in Everywhere, World

Testing phase for the next release of foam-extend 3.1

From the MessageBoard Announcement:

The deadline for contributions to foam-extend-3.1 has passed.

After some initial testing and version bumping, the preliminary foam-extend-3.1 code is now available here: I.e. it will remain in the nextRelease branch until the official release (although the git repo has a bumped version number). Click on History for the history of commits. The release notes will be updated during the testing period. Two key features:

  • coupled pressure based solver
  • density based solver

The next step is to test everything again thoroughly. We therefore invite the community to install the release candidate, run the test loop, and test your own cases.

This should be done by June 8, after which foam-extend-3.1 is officially released and merged to the master branch.

To clone a fresh working copy (and checkout the nextRelease branch): mkdir ~/foam cd ~/foam git clone --branch nextRelease git:// foam-extend-3.1

To migrate from a foam-extend-3.0 working copy:

cd ~/foam
sed -i 's/foam-extend-3.0/foam-extend-3.1/g' foam-extend-3.0/.git/config
mv foam-extend-3.0 foam-extend-3.1
cd foam-extend-3.1
git pull
git checkout nextRelease

Note that work has been done also in ThirdParty, so it is a good idea to make sure that all those packages are re-compiled.

The installation instructions for Ubuntu 14.04 have been updated: $WM_PROJECT_DIR/doc/buildInstructions/Ubuntu/Ubuntu_14.04 (during testing period: switch to nextRelease branch!)

Similar installation procedures as before applies for other architectures. If all required packages are installed, it is merely a matter of sourcing the etc/bashrc file:

. ~/foam/foam-extend-3.1/etc/bashrc
and doing:

Run the testHarness, following the instructions in $WM_PROJECT_DIR/testHarness/README.txt

Report any compilation problems in this thread. Help us write installation recipies for different architectures. Report bugs in the Mantis bug-tracker:

The foam-extend administrators.

Reported at Jun 2,2014

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