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1 Description

Quoting from here:

This toolkit supersedes the icoFsiElasticNonLinULSolidFoam FSI solver within the solidMechanics toolbox.

This framework was presented at the OpenFOAM Workshop 2014 in Zagreb: abstract and slides.

The major improvement with regard to FSI coupling is the implementation of the IQN-ILS algorithm.

Also, the plugin approach used for the solid and fluid solvers should allow easier extension to other fluid/solid models e.g. multi-phase, compressible, plasticity, etc.

2 Installation

Download here: Fsi_31.tar.gz

Extract by running:

tar -xzf Fsi_31.tar.gz

Then compile by running:

cd src/

3 Tutorials


4 Reports where this toolkit has been used

The following entries are in the page for the 2014 MSc/PhD course in CFD with OpenSource software at Chalmers University of Technology, which use this toolkit:

  • The presentation by Huadong Yao, entitled "Fluid-structure interaction"
  • Student projects and reports:
    • Erik Karlsson: A FSI tutorial on the axialTurbine tutorial case
    • Thomas Vyzikas: The implementation of interFoam solver as a flow model of the fsiFoam solver for strong fluid-structure interaction