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Well, my head's full of questions
My temp'rature's risin' fast
Bob Dylan (Mixed Up Confusion)

Questions that have been asked more than once. The following list lists the subpages of this FAQ. A full list of all questions in one page is found at this long version.

1GeneralGeneral questions about OpenFOAM. Legal etcFAQ/General
2Installation and RunningProblems with the installation and running of applicationsFAQ/Installation and Running
3PhysicalQuestions about the physics implemented (boundary conditions and similar)FAQ/Physical
4Solution procedureManipulating the solution procedure by non-programming meansFAQ/Solution procedure
5PreprocessingPreparing the simulationsFAQ/Preprocessing
6PostprocessingWorking with the resultsFAQ/Postprocessing
7ProgrammingQuestions about writing applications and solversFAQ/Programming
8TroubleshootingFiguring out what went wrongFAQ/Troubleshooting
9Specific solvers and utilitiesIssues related to specific solvers and/or utilitiesFAQ/Specific solvers and utilities
10OutdatedVery old topics, mostly because the development was stopped on these items or because the default options have changedFAQ/Outdated
99WikiAbout this WikiFAQ/Wiki