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foamLog -help

Usage: foamLog [OPTIONS] <log file> options:

 -list             lists but does not extract
 -n                create single column files with the extracted data only
 -quiet            quiet operation
 -localDB          only use the local database file
 -help             print the usage

foamLog - extracts xy files from OpenFOAM logs.

The default is to extract for all the 'Solved for' variables the initial residual, the final residual and the number of iterations. Additionally, a (user editable) database is used to extract data for standard non-solved for variables like Courant number, and execution time.

foamLog -l lists all the possible variables without extracting them.

The program will generate and run an awk script which writes a set of files, logs/_<subIter>, for every specified, for every occurrence inside a time step.

For variables that are 'Solved for', the initial residual name will be , the final residual receive the name FinalRes,

The files are output in a simple xy format with the first column Time (default) and the second the extracted values. Option -n creates single column files with the extracted data only.