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This page aims to compile a list of solutions on using General Purpose Graphical Processing Units for OpenFOAM (GPGPU at Wikipedia).

1 Open Source

This list includes those that have commercial support, but all have the source code licensed under an OSI approved license.

  • rocALUTION and rocSPARSE
    • These two are essentially ports of PARALUTION for AMD's ROCm solutions. More details are provided here.
    • There is no clear indication of how to use it with OpenFOAM, but it should be possible to use PARALUTION's plugin mechanism.
  • RapidCFD
    • Valid versions: OF Version 231.png
    • Precision: Double-precision

2 Closed Source

The ones on this list are mostly composed of source code that is not available to their client. Usually this means that the binaries that work with the GPU act as a server (data transacted over files or similar) and are therefore not directly linked to OpenFOAM.