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This is a growing list of Graphical User Interfaces (definition at Wikipedia) designed for operating OpenFOAM.

A separate list of preprocessors and post-processors is available here: Other Software

1 Commercial:

  • Symscape
  • Beta CAE
  • Icon
  • CASTNet - CAD model based preprocessing and meshing tool for OpenFOAM
  • OpenSIM a Gui Tool (soon to be released) made by ESI Group "the owner of the OpenFOAM Trademark"
  • BlendMe
  • Helyx
  • Elements - a GUI specially for vehicle design applications
  • HVAC Tool - a GUI for Building Simulation and HVAC Engineering with OpenFOAM

2 OpenSource:

3 Demo Version:

  • HVAC Tool - you can try it as demo version without constrain but you are limited by exporting cases

4 Text based: