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This is a growing list of Graphical User Interfaces (definition at Wikipedia) designed for operating OpenFOAM.

A separate list of preprocessors and post-processors is available here: Other Software

1 Commercial

1.1 Multidisciplinary CFD

Sorted by name:

Software Company Operating Systems Availability Notes
Ansa Beta CAE Linux, Mac OS X and Windows Contact them for more information. -
Caedium Symscape Linux, Mac OS X and Windows Free 30 day trial and for students. Available in monthly to annual subscription. -
CAESES FRIENDSHIP-SYSTEMS Linux and Windows Free pro version for students and PhD students. Various trial versions available. Focuses on simulation-ready CAD modeling incl. STL pre-processing capabilities and CFD automation. Suited for users that are interested in design explorations and shape optimization. Typically, the investigated geometries in CAESES are complex free-form surfaces.
CastNet DHCAE Linux and Windows Free 30 day trial. Annual or perpetual subscriptions. Discount for academic use. Direct import of CAD files.
cfFLOW Creative Fields Linux and Windows Contact them for more information. -
DICE DICEhub Linux and Windows Python + QML Access requires registration and invitation post-registration. Contact them for mode information.
HELYX Engys Linux and Windows Contact them for more information. Has an open source variant named HELYX-OS.
iconCFD ICON unknown Contact them for more information. -
MantiumFlow MantiumCAE Linux and Windows
(OSX is reported to work as well but is not supported)
Free Demo, quarterly and annual licenses available.
  • OpenFOAM versions starting from 3.0.1 are supported. On Windows the blueCFD-Core version is preferred.
  • MantiumFlow works with templated cases, making working with it very simple.
  • Currently single phase incompressible fluid simulations are supported. Multi-phase will follow next.
simFlow Atizar Limited Linux and Windows Free for evaluation without any time limit. Fixed annual subscription, with discount for academic use. In addition to multiple solvers for fluid flow simulation, it includes solvers for: multiphase flows, heat transfer (including conjugate heat transfer), combustion, lagrangian particles and dynamic mesh.
Visual-CFD ESI unknown Contact them for more information. -

1.2 Specific fields of applied CFD

Sorted by field:

Software Company Field Operating Systems Availability Notes
BIM HVACTool TIAN Building Engineering Building Simulation Software Windows Contact them for more information. -
blueCFD-AIR blueCAPE Building Simulation Software Windows Available for free. Paid support is available. Development roadmap can be oriented by the needs of their clients. Linux and Mac OS X versions are possible.
ODS Studio ODS Engineering Building Simulation Software Linux, Mac OS X and Windows Contact them for more information. -
Elements Engys Vehicle Design Applications Linux and Windows Contact them for more information. -

2 Open Source

Sorted by Name:

Software Company/Author Project page Operating Systems Coding Language Notes
Discretizer Björn Bergqvist Discretizer at Linux and Windows
(Might work on Mac OS X)
Ruby Not in active development.
enGrid enGits enGrid at Github Linux and Windows
(Also works on Mac OS X)
C++ Development in function of contributions.
HELYX-OS Engys HELYX-OS on GitHub Linux Java Periodic development. Releases every 3 to 9 months.

3 Text based