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1 Name

gmshToFoam - Reads .msh file as written by Gmsh

Valid versions: OF Version 21.png

2 Synopsis


3 Description

Convert a mesh file MESHFILE.msh from Gmsh format to foam format.


Retain the raw orientation for prisms and/or hexahedrons

-case DIR

Execute the command on the case directory DIR. If omitted, use the current directory

-region NAME

Specify the mesh region name. If omitted, default region used


Skip the execution of the functionObjects


Display the help and exit

4 Bugs

The gmshToFoam utility in OpenFOAM-1.6-ext has some problems with preserving defined physical surfaces. Both OpenFOAM-2.1.x and OpenFOAM-1.6-ext versions of gmshToFoam do not preserve internal physical surfaces (needed for some applications). The following tarballs compile as gmshToFoam2 inside the user directory. They have the bugs removed.

OF Version 21.png Media:GmshToFoam21x.tar.gz
OF Version 16ext.png Media:GmshToFoam16.tar.gz

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