HowTo Post-process results for particle based methods

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1 Introductory tutorials

There are two solvers including tutorial available for beginners:

2 Post processing

2.1 foamToVTK

For post processing particles using ParaView, please refer to: Postprocessing of Lagrangian particles

2.2 particleTracks

Valid versions: OF version 16.png

For particle tracking in ParaView the utility particleTracks can be used. Copy the particleTracksProperties dictionary into the <CASE>/constant directory:

cp $FOAM_UTILITIES/postProcessing/lagrangian/particleTracks/particleTracksProperties <CASE>/constant/

Then execute the utility in the case directory:


and visualize the particleTracks opening them in ParaView.

3 Tutorials from "PhD course in CFD with OpenSource software" at Chalmers University of Technology

  • Anton Persson (2010) - Description and implementation of particle injection in OpenFOAM: Report - Presentation - Files
  • Josef Runsten (2010) - Droplet collisions in dieselSpray and implementations of collisions in solidParticle: Report - Presentation - Files
  • Aurelia Vallier (2009) - Tutorial icoLagrangianFoam / solidParticle: Report - Presentation - Files
  • Jelena Andric (2009) - Lagrangian particle tracking of spheres and cylinders: Report - Presentation - Files
  • Erik Larsson (2008) - Lagrangian particle interaction: Report

4 Tutorial: Particles with pyFoam

Tutorial on Particles with pyFoam - The air classification test case, which is complementary to the "Automatization with pyFoam" presentation from the 5th Workshop in Gothenburg 2010:

5 Tutorial: HowTo addSpraySubmodels

Valid versions: OF Version 20x.png

Find a step-by-step instruction of how to add your own breakup model for the Lagrangian spray in OpenFOAM 2.y.x here.

6 Particle based solvers and test cases in OpenFOAM®

Valid versions: OF version 16.png OF version 17.png

6.1 Particle solver

  • icoLagrangianFoam - test cases: cavity, box
  • solidParticleFoam - test cases: bos, solidParticleDamBreak
  • coalChemistryFoam - test case: simplifiedSiwek
  • porousExplicitSourceReactingParcelFoam - test case: filter
  • reactingParcelFoam - test case: evaporationTest
  • uncoupledKinematicParcelFoam
  • rhoPisoTwinParcelFoam - test case: simplifiedSiwek

6.2 Particle based combustion solvers

  • dieselFoam - test case: aachenBomb
  • dieselEngineFoam

6.3 Discrete solvers

  • mdEquilibriumFoam - test cases: peridicCubeArgon, periodicCubeWater
  • mdFoam - test case: nanoNozzle
  • dsmcFoam - test cases: freeSpacePeriodic, freeSpaceStream, supersonicCorner, wedge15Ma5

7 References

  • Particle tracking algorithm in OpenFOAM®:
    • Particle tracking in unstructured, arbitrary polyhedral meshes for CFD and molecular dynamics, G.B. Macpherson, N. Nordin and H.G. Weller, Communications In Numerical Methods In Engineering (2008).
  • Complex Chemistry Modeling of Diesel Spray Combustion, N. Nordin, PhD thesis, Chalmers University of Technology (2001).

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