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1 Using DAKOTA with OpenFOAM

1.1 What is DAKOTA

Copy/Paste from their homepage -

DAKOTA contains algorithms for optimization with gradient and nongradient-based methods; uncertainty quantification with sampling, reliability, stochastic expansion, and epistemic methods; parameter estimation with nonlinear least squares methods; and sensitivity/variance analysis with design of experiments and parameter study methods.

DAKOTA is free and can be downloaded from their homepage. You just need to register.

If you are new to DAKOTA I highly recommend that you also install JAGUAR, the java interface to setup DAKOTA runs. It is especially nice when you dont know the names of all the different methods or what parameters they require.

1.2 Finding the optimal spray settings

My example here will focus on how you can use DAKOTA to automatically find the best spray setting to fit your experimental data.

--Niklas 10:41, 6 April 2010 (UTC)

1.3 Tutorials on how to couple OpenFOAM and Dakota

The tutorial demonstrates how to couple both toolboxes using nice and clear bash scripts.
The case is optimizing the pressure drop of inlet and outlet that the  ratio of the flux in flow 
direction and reverse flow direction is equal to 3. Feedback is welcomed.