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(Sources: [http://openfoam.cfd-online.com/forum/messages/1/156.html?1106735185][http://openfoam.cfd-online.com/forum/messages/1/371.html])
(Sources: [http://openfoam.cfd-online.com/forum/messages/1/156.html?1106735185][http://openfoam.cfd-online.com/forum/messages/1/371.html])
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The information in this section is outdated since Version 1.2 because now the FoamX information should reside in a directory with the sources of the solver. See the ReleaseNotes for 1.2 until this page ist updated.

To add a new solver to FoamX you have to write the corresponding configuration file.

The easiest way is to take the configuration (.cfg) file of a standard application which behaves similarly to the one you want to add from $FOAMX_SYSTEM_CONFIG and to copy it to FOAMX_USER_CONFIG.

For example, if your application is similar to icoFoam, take


and copy it to


where myFoam is the name of your new solver.

Adapt the configuration file and the dictionaries to your needs and change /Make/files to match your application name.

Create a case (right click on the root directory in the case browser) and you will have myFoam to choose from.

(Sources: [1][2])