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Import a mesh generated by I-DEAS or Salome [1] to OpenFOAM.

1. export the UNV file from I-DEAS or Salome (Module Mesh -> File/Export/UNV file)

2. create a new case with foamX: Case Browser -> right click -> Create Case

3. Convert the mesh file to openFoam: $ ideasUnvToFoam <root> <caseName> (Path) <meshFile>

example: ideasUnvToFoam . testunvconvert /home/foam/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.4.1/applications/utilities/mesh/conversion/ideasUnvToFoam/unv/face_groups_Cubit.unv

A tutorial how to use Salome to generate a mesh for OpenFOAM can be viewed at CAELinux tutorial

Part 1, Geometry modelling in Salome : (PipeGeom2007)

Part 2, Meshing in Salome (PipeMesh2007)

Part 3, CFD analysis in OpenFOAM (PipeOpenFOAM2007)

Note:OF 1.4.1 To use ideasUnvToFoam Converter please read and get the corrected ideasUnvToFoam.C

copy ideasUnvToFoam-6020.unk to "util" mesh/conversion/ideasUnvToFoam/ as ideasUnvToFoam.C wclean ; and wmake