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The aim of this project is to automatically build OpenFOAM-variants from source using the tool Ansible. The script installs all the requirements before attempting to compile OpenFOAM

The full description can be found in this subproject in OpenFOAM-extend.

The only requirements for this script to work are Mercurial (for getting the sources) and Ansible. They should be installed through the

1 Basic Usage

First get the sources:

hg clone
cd ansibleFoamInstallation

Then a playbook with the requirements has to be edited. There is already an example playbook that builds three different Foam versions with cfMesh and swak4foam and also installs PyFoam :

sudo ansible-playbook exampleConfigs/allFoams.yml

On a supported Linux this makes sure that all the required packages are installed, it pulls the required sources and builds them (this may take a couple of hours)

To install only a single FOAM-distro (in this example OpenFOAM+ v1706) call

sudo ansible-playbook exampleConfigs/fullInstall.yml --extra-vars=distro=p1706

For further information see the latest Version of the README

1.1 Development version

To get to the latest development version do

hg update develop

on the command line

2 Other

A backup-version of the repository can be found at on BitBucket