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1 Introduction

This page aims to explain how to install the foam-extend project OF Version 30ext.png on any Linux Distribution.

To quote[1] from the release notes of the project:

The foam-extend project is a fork of the OpenFOAM® open source library for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). It is an open project welcoming and integrating contributions from all users and developers. Previously known as OpenFOAM®-dev and OpenFOAM®-extend, it contains bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as extensions and additional features provided by community contributors (see list below), such as dynamic mesh and topological change support, turbomachinery extensions including general grid interpolation (GGI), cyclic GGI and mixing place, block-coupled matrix support, finite area method, comprehensive mesh motion capability and GPU support. For a full list, see below.
Version 3.0, nicknamed "Jeju", is the current version of foam-extend. The release now continues the tradition and spirit of the original FOAM code developed by prof. Jasak and Mr. Weller during their time at Imperial College and released as the general purpose CFD/CCM package by Nabla Ltd. in 2000. In this spirit, we shall revert to original numbering scheme (foam-2.3.2, 13 December 2004) as release number 3.0. Visit for more information.
OPENFOAM® is a registered trademark of ESI Group. OpenFOAM-extend and foam-extend are a community effort not endorsed by ESI Group.

In the following chapters and sections is explained how to generally install foam-extend-3.0 and related dependencies, such as ParaView:

2 Installing from binary package

3 Installing from source code

See also:

3.1 Note regarding foam-extend-3.0

Keep in mind that after since foam-extend-3.0 has been released, it no longer uses the base folder ~/OpenFOAM, but instead uses ~/foam. For example, to clone it, follow these steps:

cd ~
mkdir foam
cd foam
git clone git:// foam-extend-3.0

Then continuing following the instructions meant for the foam-extend-3.0 version.

4 Installing on Apple with sparse image