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[[Category:Installing OpenFOAM]]
[[Category:Installing OpenFOAM]]
[[Category:Installing OpenFOAM on Mac OS‎]]

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1 Introduction

This page is an entry point to the several instructions made available for installing OpenFOAM on Mac OS... mostly Mac OS X, at least until Mac OS 11 is released...

Here is the list of pages that fall into this category:

2 How to add new pages

Check the source code of one or more of the children pages listed in the Introduction to get a better idea of the structure, but the common structure is as follows:

  1. All children pages must start with Installation/Mac OS
  2. Next indicate the OpenFOAM version/variant/fork it refers to - e.g. OpenFOAM 2.1.1 - and in that page, must refer have at the bottom of the page this code:
    [[Category:Installing OpenFOAM on Mac OS]]
  3. Whenever there is a detail specific to a Mac OS version, please indicate directly where that detail is relevant. If it extends for more than a paragraph, then please create a chapter dedicated to explaining said difference and link to it from where it refers to.