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This page collects the pages that are completely outdated at this point in time, in the following senses:

  1. The page contains outdated instructions;
  2. The page refers to a very old version of OpenFOAM;
  3. The Linux Distribution versions it refers to are considerably old by now;
  4. Updating the page no longer makes sense, since there is a more recent page that easily replaces its instructions or the OpenFOAM version is too old to matter now.

The sub-pages gathered are are as follows:

Installation/Outdated/Howto compile OpenFOAMInstallation/Outdated/Howto compile OpenFOAM the easy wayInstallation/Outdated/Howto create binary packages
Installation/Outdated/Howto install OpenFOAM-1.6.x (git repository version)