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1 Mailing List

Organization of the group (and especially of the meetings) is done through a mailing-list. To subscribe to the list go here. Archives of the list are open to non-members and available here and searchable here.

2 Meetings (PFAU)

Meetings take place twice a year and rotate between different locations (usually universities). They usually take place from the late morning to the early afternoon to allow people from different parts of Austria to travel to and from the location at the same day. There are presentations and discussions.

As there is usually a number of non-German speakers attending it is encouraged that presentations are held in English (but this is not a must)

The name PFAU is an abbreviation for "Palaver For Austrian Users" (but in Austrian German "Pfau!" is also an equivalent to "Wow!")

Some (not all) meetings with there agenda and location can be found here:

3 Sub groups in Austria