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As a result of our first OpenFOAM user meeting in the south of Germany at the University of Cooperative Education Mosbach on October, 15th, 2008, a few topics were identified which are of general interest. All interested users are invited to join these groups which will meet several times a year to discuss, to write code, etc. For further information send a mail to the contact person.

• Turbulence modelling (contact: Fabian Brännström) • Turbo machinery / Flow in rotating systems (contact: Ivana ..) • Fluid-Structure interaction (contact: Uwe Janoske) • Mesh handling (moving mesh, mesh generation) (contact: Uwe Janoske) • Multiphase flows and rheology (contact: Christian Winkler) • Optimization (contact: Michael Böhm)

The next meeting will be in January 2009 at the University of Stuttgart. Details will be published in the OpenFOAM WIKI and the OpenFOAM Message Board.