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1 National Community in Japan

The Open CAE Society of Japan organizes Japanese OpenCAE symposium, Training courses, and others. OpenCAE does not only means OpenFOAM. However, OpenFOAM is the one of the major open-source software what the members of the society use and discuss.


2 OpenCAE Symposium

The OpenCAE Symposium 2019 @ Osaka, Japan will be held from December 19 to 21 at OSAKA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (Omiya Campus), Japan.

The OpenCAE Symposium is an user meeting in Japan for open-source CAE (OpenFOAM, FrontISTR, Salome-Meca, OpenMODELICA, FreeCAD, etc. ) users.

Training sessions will be held on December 19. Presentations by users in various fields will be held on December 20 and 21.

For more information, please visit the symposium web site.


3 Local Study Groups


4 Mailing List