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* [[contrib_groovyBC|groovyBC]]: A boundary condition that allows the specification via expressions, similar to [[contrib_funkySetFields|funkySetFields]]
* [[contrib_groovyBC|groovyBC]]: A boundary condition that allows the specification via expressions, similar to [[contrib_funkySetFields|funkySetFields]]
* [[contrib_wallRadiationTemperature|wallRadiationTemperature]]: A radiation coupled boundary condition for buoyantSimpleRadiationFoam.
=== Function objects ===
=== Function objects ===

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These are things that are neither a solver, a utility or an example case and could nevertheless be of use for other Foamers.

1 Libraries for OpenFOAM

Stuff that is usually linked into dynamic libraries (.sos in Linux)

1.1 Boundary conditions

  • wallHeatFlux: Fixed Heat flux boundary condition for incompressible thermal flow under Boussinesq-Approximation

1.2 Function objects

1.3 Turbulence models

  • kEpsilonViollet: Library of incompressible k-epsilon turbulent model with Viollet type buoyancy term

1.4 Other

2 Libraries for other languages

Stuff in these sections helps other programming languages than C++ to interact with OpenFOAM

3 Patches

These are patches that are to be applied to an OpenFOAM-installation. Only use these if

  1. you are sure you need them
  2. you know what you are doing

because they can alter the behaviour of your OpenFOAM-stuff (making it impossible for other people to help you)

  • plugIn.patch: an extension to OF that allows the run-time loading of additional libraries
  • regIOobject.patch: Fix potential problem when reading controlDict during parallel execution

4 Other

  • benchFoam: A benchmark script that is based on PyFoam to run OpenFOAM benchmarks
  • makeApplicationList.py: A script that generates a list of the applications in a directory (with descriptions)