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These are things that are neither a solver, a utility or an example case and could nevertheless be of use for other Foamers. The contributions listed here are all part of the Contrib page group, where all of the contributions of this kind are listed.

In addition, there is also the Extend-bazaar page for contributions that are designed to be integrated into the foam-extend project.

1 Libraries for OpenFOAM

Stuff that is usually linked into dynamic libraries (.so in Linux)

1.1 Boundary conditions

  • wallHeatFlux: Fixed Heat flux boundary condition for incompressible thermal flow under Boussinesq-Approximation

1.2 Function objects

  • simpleFunctionObjects: A collection of almost trivial functionObjects
  • IOH5Write: A function object for writing fields and clouds into HDF5 file format, along with auxiliary scripts for handling the data in HDF5 format.

1.3 Turbulence models

  • kEpsilonViollet: Library of incompressible k-epsilon turbulent model with Viollet type buoyancy term

1.4 Other

  • equationReader: An extension to OpenFOAM's core library that allows you to use equations in dictionaries.
  • multiSolver: A library that allows you to run more than one solver in series on the same dataset.
  • swak4Foam: Library for user-defined expression. Should replace contrib funkySetFields and contrib groovyBC
  • IOReferencer: A simple piece of code that allows you to look up non-IOobjects from the objectRegistry. E.g.: db().lookupObject<scalar>("banana");
  • waves2Foam: A collection of libraries, solvers, boundary conditions, pre-processing tools and tutorials to be used for modelling surface water waves.
  • Janaf: Both the description of the old Janaf architecture, as well as a possible more advanced Janaf system.
  • solidMechanics: Tool-kit for OpenFOAM of solid mechanics solvers that employ the finite volume method (not finite elements) to numerically approximate the displacements and stresses in solid bodies undergoing deformation.
  • LibOpenSMOKE: Tool-kit for OpenFOAM of a combustion model based on the steady-state laminar flamelet theory.

2 Libraries for other languages

Stuff in these sections helps other programming languages than C++ to interact with OpenFOAM

3 Patches

These are patches that are to be applied to an OpenFOAM-installation. Only use these if

  1. you are sure you need them
  2. you know what you are doing

because they can alter the behaviour of your OpenFOAM-stuff (making it impossible for other people to help you)

  • plugIn.patch: an extension to OF that allows the run-time loading of additional libraries
  • regIOobject.patch: Fix potential problem when reading controlDict during parallel execution

4 Toolkits

  • OpenFuelCell: toolkit project for developing open source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to model fuel cells using OpenFOAM technology.

5 Other

  • benchFoam: A benchmark script that is based on PyFoam to run OpenFOAM benchmarks
  • A script that generates a list of the applications in a directory (with descriptions)
  • SwiftBlock: An addon for Blender for creating/configuring blockMeshDict.
  • SwiftSnap: An addon for Blender for creating/configuring snappyHexMeshDict.