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* [[contrib_probeToAudio|probeToAudio]]: Simple auralization utility of probed data.
* [[contrib_probeToAudio|probeToAudio]]: Simple auralization utility of probed data.
* [[computeTorque]]: Compute the pressure torque on a given patch
=== preProcessing ===
=== preProcessing ===

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These are utilities contributed by users.

1 Utilities that fit into the OpenFOAM scheme

The structure of this page is modelled after the directory structure of the utility sources.

1.1 errorEstimation

1.2 mesh

1.2.1 advanced

1.2.2 conversion

  • gmshToFoamMod: modified version of gmshToFoam with a few optimizations. This version also has options to write cellZones, write faceZones and control the quantity of text output.
  • gmsh2ToFoam: A modified gmshToFoam with Gmsh 2.0 support and other features. The page describes gmsh2ToFoam that comes with gmshFoam (see the Other section below).

1.2.3 generation

1.2.4 manipulation

  • alignMeshSurf: moves mesh points in the Z direction so that the bottom and top faces are aligned with provided surfaces
  • makeAxialMesh: converts a 2D-mesh into an axial-symmetric (wedge) mesh
  • splitMeshWithSets: variation of the original splitMesh that preserves faceSets

1.3 miscellaneous

1.4 parallelProcessing

1.5 postProcessing

  • calcMassFlow: Simple Utility to calculate the mass-flow through selected boundaries and face-sets

1.6 preProcessing

1.7 surface

1.8 thermophysical

2 Other

These utilities don't fit into the above categories.

  • gmshFoam: A conceptual implementation of a total Gmsh pre/mid/post-processing environment for OpenFOAM