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He'll teach you how to pick and choose
And how to throw the blade.
Bob Dylan (One more cup of coffee)

A How-To is a text that tells you "how to do something". (So far this is an unstructured list. If there is enough stuff it will get a structure).

So far the How-Tos will be sorted by their completion status

1 How-Tos that can be of help

These How-Tos are in a finished state. In other words: their authors think, that there is not much that can be improved.

1.1 Install

1.2 Pre-process

1.3 Post-process

1.4 Program with OpenFOAM

1.5 Use IDEs

1.6 Miscellaneous

2 How-Tos that are only planned/fragments

If you feel like writing these: go ahead (but before you do: move them to the next section)

3 How-Tos that are being worked on

These How-Tos have found someone who wants to write them. After completion they will be moved to the top section.