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  • new linear equation solvers, with substantial performance increase (described in CFD Canada 2007 conference papers)
  • working support for topological changes, eg. sliding and layering
  • tet-FEM based automatic mesh motion
  • finite area method and liquid film support
  • coupled matrix support for implicit solution of conjugate problems such as

heat transfer

  • improvements in ordinary differential equations solvers and related basic polyomial support
  • a suite of dynamic moding mesh classes
  • IC engine-related developments (contributed by Politecnico di Milano)
  • viscolelastic flow solver by Jovani Favero
  • solid stress analysis, contact stress, plasticity, crack propagation, fluid-structure interaction (UC Dublin)
  • 6-DOF solid body motion solvers, including 1-phase and multi-phase free surface VOF solvers
  • development line of level-set methods
  • improved and updated error estimation and residual tracking tools
  • contribution of python bindings for the library (to the level of physics solvers)
  • GGI, cyclic GGI and partial overlap GGi implementation with full parallelisation
  • additional tutorials, utilities and top-level solvers
  • OpenFOAM_SLAX - a light USB bootable Linux + OF-ext + OF-tools
  • (in development): block-matrix and block solver support
  • (in development): immersed boundary method (Uni Zagreb)
  • (in development): test loop, tagging stable releases, binary releases
  • (in development): web-site