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In addition to the officially supported tools (especially paraFoam) there is a number of other software that make life with OpenFOAM easier.

1 CAE-Linux


A LiveDVD full of Computer-Aided-Engineering Software.

Including free CAD-Programms, pre-/post processor and finite element solvers.

Very well for a first one try.

2 Pre-Processors

For people who need a bit more complicated grids (of course you can always do it with blockMesh).

Very good overview of free and commercial mesh generators.


Netgen is an automatic 3d tetrahedral mesh generator.

It accepts input from STL, IGES and STEP file format from CAD.

2.2 Salome


Imput format from CAD, IGES and STEP, supported.

Converting UNV file format to OpenFOAM search for "UNV" in the OpenFOAM Message Board [1]

3 Post-Processors

Looking at your results in many colorful ways.

3.1 OpenDX

The mighty OpenDX is for those who think that Paraview is too simple (and not powerful enough).

3.2 Enthought scientific applications

Enthought has developed a variety of reusable components for building scientific applications. Get Traits, Chaco, and Mayavi, as well as all the other open source projects that Enthought has created for building scientific applications:

  • Traits : Explicit type declarations; validation; initialization; delegation; notification; visualization. TraitsGUI: A UI layer that supports the visualization features of Traits. Implementations using wxWidgets and Qt are provided by the TraitsBackendWX and TraitsBackendQt projects.
  • Mayavi: Interactive and scriptable 3-D visualization.
  • Chaco: Interactive 2-D plotting for applications.

It may be interesting to see how we can link Traits and TraitsGUI with Contrib_PyFoam

3.3 Tecplot

Tecplot is a commerical post-processing tool notable for it's high quality images and simple to use macro recorder. See Tecplot for usage.