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Import a mesh generated by Netgen ([1]) to OpenFOAM.

1. export the file from netgen as neutral file

2. create a new case with foamX: Case Browser -> right click -> Create Case

3. Convert the mesh file to openFoam: $ netgenNeutralToFoam <root> <caseName> (Path) <meshFile>

example: netgenNeutralToFoam /home/user test /home/user/OpenFOAM/Beispiele/ROHR

4. Edit the boundary file and set proper names. That is, change patch by wall, inlet, etc

5. In FoamX: Edit the field dictionary and save.

6. Before the case is run it is a good idea to view the mesh to check for any errors. The mesh is viewed in paraFoam, the post-processing tool supplied with OpenFOAM. The paraFoam post-processing is started by typing at a command prompt paraFoam <root> <case> This launches the ParaView window

7. The user should immediately click the Accept button which will bring up an image of the case geometry in the image display window.