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The software of the Wiki has been updated. During the update the basic skin of the Wiki was redone and the landing page got a slight overhaul. It should now be usable on mobile devices,

The skin of the Wiki now uses the popular website-framework Bootstrap. One benefit (besides the more modern look) of this framework is that the Website now "reacts" to the width of the display and therefor is rendered better on mobile devices.

It is possible to add Bootstrap-specialities in Wiki-pages (like the landing-page does) but this is discouraged as these pages may look weird if the default skin of the Wiki is changed later.

What is possible is the injection of user-defined CSS to make the page look differently on your computer.

The currently used CSS is Simplex from Bootswatch. With the Bookmarklet on this page it is possible to try out different Stylesheets.

Reported at Oct 27,2014