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1 History

The website began in May 2005, which was first being hosted in a server at Montan Universität, in Leoben, Austria. It was started by the wiki's administrator Bernhard Gschaider

Sometime later, the website changed hosting to the company where Bernhard was working at, ICE-SF in Austria. Now it's hosted at the company that bought ICE-SF, namely HFD-Research.

2 How to contribute to the wiki

  1. If you haven't already, please register a user name for yourself at the Request account page (accessible through the login page).
  2. Please follow the guidelines defined in the Main_Policy page.
  3. Auxiliary editing guidelines are defined in Help:Editing.
  4. For other frequently asked questions on how to contribute to the wiki, please read the following page: FAQ/Wiki

3 What to do in case the website is down

If in the future or right now the website is down, please use the existing online services that provide cached copies of websites, such as: