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1 Introduction

This is the base page for the currently dubbed The missing Programmer's Guide created by the community that works with OpenFOAM technology.

The front page and guide lines for editing this guide in on the respective category page Category:OpenFOAM guide.

This current page provides the index to all of the content of this guide in two forms:

2 Category Tree List


  • Click the + symbols for expanding the branches on the tree, the - symbols for collapsing expanded branches.
  • You'll find two types of branches:
    1. Branches that list sub-categories.
    2. Branches that list pages themselves.
  • The tree list is automatically generated and probably is not complete, since it's constantly ongoing.

3 Sub-page List

OpenFOAM guideOpenFOAM guide/DiscretizationOpenFOAM guide/Discretization coefficients
OpenFOAM guide/Divergence theoremOpenFOAM guide/Explicit equationOpenFOAM guide/Finite volume method
OpenFOAM guide/Finite volume method (OpenFOAM)OpenFOAM guide/FvMatrix;;HOpenFOAM guide/FvMatrix;;flux
OpenFOAM guide/Gauss' theoremOpenFOAM guide/Gradient theoremOpenFOAM guide/H operator
OpenFOAM guide/Implicit equationOpenFOAM guide/Input and Output operations using dictionaries and the IOobject classOpenFOAM guide/InterpolateXY
OpenFOAM guide/InterpolationOpenFOAM guide/InterpolationTableOpenFOAM guide/Interpolation (OpenFOAM)
OpenFOAM guide/Interpolation (by cell)OpenFOAM guide/Interpolation (disambiguation)OpenFOAM guide/Introduction to OpenFOAM Programming, A Walk Through reactingFOAM
OpenFOAM guide/LduMatrix;;HOpenFOAM guide/LduMatrix;;faceHOpenFOAM guide/LduMatrix;;negSumDiag
OpenFOAM guide/LimitersOpenFOAM guide/Matrices in OpenFOAMOpenFOAM guide/Matrix coefficients
OpenFOAM guide/MeshToMeshOpenFOAM guide/Mesh weightsOpenFOAM guide/Midpoint rule
OpenFOAM guide/NVD TVD formulationOpenFOAM guide/Owner and neighbour indicesOpenFOAM guide/PatchToPatchInterpolation
OpenFOAM guide/PointVolInterpolationOpenFOAM guide/PrimitivePatchInterpolationOpenFOAM guide/Programmer's Guide Errata
OpenFOAM guide/RTS base classOpenFOAM guide/RTS derived classOpenFOAM guide/Reconstruction
OpenFOAM guide/Steady-stateOpenFOAM guide/Stoke's theoremOpenFOAM guide/SurfaceInterpolate
OpenFOAM guide/SurfaceInterpolationOpenFOAM guide/SurfaceInterpolation;;deltaCoeffsOpenFOAM guide/SurfaceInterpolationScheme
OpenFOAM guide/SurfaceInterpolationScheme;;interpolateOpenFOAM guide/SurfaceInterpolation (class)OpenFOAM guide/Table of common fields
OpenFOAM guide/The PIMPLE algorithm in OpenFOAMOpenFOAM guide/The PISO algorithm in OpenFOAMOpenFOAM guide/The SIMPLE algorithm in OpenFOAM
OpenFOAM guide/TransientOpenFOAM guide/UMLOpenFOAM guide/UML/lagrangian
OpenFOAM guide/Use bananasOpenFOAM guide/VolPointInterpolationOpenFOAM guide/objectRegistry
OpenFOAM guide/runTimeSelection mechanismOpenFOAM guide/tmp