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Here you can add links (or references) to publications with OpenFOAM for nuclear applications.

1 Papers

  • [1] J. Cai, T. Watanabe. Numerical Simulation of Thermal Stratification in Cold Legs by Using OpenFOAM. Progress in NUCLEAR SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, Vol. 2, pp.107-113 (2011).

  • [2] A. Sakowitz et al. Effects of velocity ratio and inflow pulsations on the flow in a T-junction by Large Eddy Simulation. Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol. 68, pp. 247–256 (2013).
  • [3] H. Wilkening, L. Ammirabile. Simulation of helium release in the Battelle Model Containment facility using OpenFOAM. Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 265, pp. 402– 410 (2013).

  • [4] M. Aufiero et al. Calculating the effective delayed neutron fraction in the Molten Salt Fast Reactor: Analytical, deterministic and Monte Carlo approaches. Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol. 65, pp. 78–90 (2014).
  • [5] K. Jareteg et al. Fine-mesh deterministic modeling of PWR fuel assemblies: Proof-of-principle of coupled neutronic/thermal–hydraulic calculations. Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol. 68, pp. 247–256 (2014).
  • [6] G. Harikrishnan et al. CFD Simulation of Subcooled Flow Boiling using OpenFOAM. International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, Special Issue-2, pp. 441-447 (2014).

  • [7] Authors. Title. Journal/Proceedings.

2 Slides

  • [8] E. Mas de les Valls, L. Batet. OpenFOAM capabilities for MHD simulation under nuclear fusion technology conditions, presented at the 3rd OpenFOAM Workshop in Milan, July 2008.

  • [9] J. Peltola et al. Adaptation and validation of OpenFOAM® CFD-solvers for nuclear safety related flow simulations, presented at the SAFIR2010 Seminar, Espoo, March 2011.

  • [10] K. Jareteg. Coupled calculations in OpenFOAM - Multiphysics handling, structures and solvers, presented at the Gothenburg Region OpenFOAM User Group Meeting, November 2012.

  • [11] K. Jareteg. Multiphysics simulations of Light Water Reactors using OpenFOAM, presented at the 9th OpenFOAM Workshop in Zagreb, June 2014.
  • [12] I. Clifford et al. A Hierarchical Multi-scale Approach to Modelling Heat Conduction in Prismatic HTGRs using OpenFOAM , presented at the 9th OpenFOAM Workshop in Zagreb, June 2014.
  • [13] J. Herb. Coupling of OpenFOAM with Thermo-Hydraulic Simulation Code ATHLET, presented at the 9th OpenFOAM Workshop in Zagreb, June 2014.
  • [14] C. Fiorina et al. Development plans and first steps for a multi-physics platform for nuclear reactor analysis, presented at the 9th OpenFOAM Workshop in Zagreb, June 2014.

3 Posters

4 Thesis

  • [17] E. Michta. Modeling of Subcooled Nucleate Boiling with OpenFOAM. KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. February 2011.
  • [18] T. Bakx. Testing a Nuclear Pebble-Bed Reactor Model in OpenFOAM. Delft University of Technology. August 2011.

  • [19] A. Alali. Development and validation of new solver based on the interfacial area transport equation for the numerical simulation of sub-cooled boiling with OpenFOAM CFD code for nuclear safety applications. Technische Universität München. August 2013.

  • [20] Authors. Title. University. Month 20xx.

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