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1 OpenFOAM Special Interest Group: Ship Hydrodynamics

The OpenFOAM Ship Hydrodynamics Special Interest Group (SIG) was initiated at the Third OpenFOAM Workshop in Milan, Italy, July 2008. See the [1] for more information about the workshop.

Join the SIG ShipHydro e-mail list to be part of the discussions!

2 Objectives

  • Identify developers and users who are interested in ship hydrodynamics and OpenFOAM.
  • Develop OpenFOAM for ship hydrodynamics applications, including pre-processing, solution methods, and post-processing.
  • Provide tutorials on how to produce accurate results using OpenFOAM in ship hydrodynamics.
  • Distribute relevant validation test cases and corresponding OpenFOAM applications. Host V&V mini-workshop on OFW community day.
  • Connect people with the same interests.
  • Organize meetings, workshops and collaborations.

3 SIG Projects for 2017-2018

  • Project A: Develop ship hydro tutorials for the Tutorial Wiki on,
    • Wigley hull, calm water resistance (Paterson, Vuko)
    • KCS, calm water resistance (Zhang)
    • KVLCC, calm water resistance (Vuko, Kim)
    • Model 5415, calm water resistance (???)
    • KP505 Propeller in open-water design condition (Kim)
    • NACA 66 hydrofoil cavitation (Paterson)
  • Project B: Establish V&V mini-workshops to be held at annual OFW. Focus will be on collaborative test cases
    • Hydrofoil cavitation
    • Water entry

4 Work space

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