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setSet is a utility that collects points, faces and cells in sets, based on different criteria, for later usage with different other utilities like subSetMesh.

Valid versions: OF version 15.png

Following is an example of the usage to fix an imported mesh that has small faults.

Figure 1. Domain overview

Running checkMesh on this geometry:

foamJob -s checkMesh -allTopology -allGeometry

generates some warnings and errors, but most important, several sets: cellZone_1, cellZone_2, concaveFaces, edgeFaces, nearPoints, nonOrthoFaces, skewFaces, undedeterminedCells, warpedFaces, wrongOrientedFaces. The next step is to collect all the cells that contain any of the concave faces, incorrect edge faces, warped faces, wrong oriented faces, or cells with a very small determinant:

foamJob -s setSet -constant
Command>cellSet bubu new cellToCell underdeterminedCells any
Command>cellSet bubu add faceToCell concaveFaces any
Command>cellSet bubu add faceToCell edgeFaces any
Command>cellSet bubu add faceToCell warpedFaces any
Command>cellSet bubu add faceToCell wrongOrientedFaces any
Command>cellSet bubu invert
Command>cellSet bubu subset
foamJob -s subsetMesh bubu