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1 General

During the BoF sessions of the OF Workshop 2009 in Montreal a session on High Performance Computing (HPC) was held.

Results of this session were:

  • OF is often used in a HPC environment
  • A collection of benchmarking results of OF on various hardware should be started to form a basis for
    • performance optimisation in the OF source code
    • Investigation of influence of compiler optimisation switches / different compilers
    • hardware recommendations
    • best practice guides

1.1 Benchmark

Criteria for a universal benchmarking case need to be defined and the benchmarking case made available. Furthermore a questionnaire describing the performance crucial hardware components should be created to form a basis for analysis of benchmark results.

1.1.1 Benchmark case

TODO: Find a more or less universal benchmarking case. Preferably the case does not need a complex mesh / solver. The icoFoam cavity tutorial could be a first starting point.

1.1.2 Hardware description

TODO: Define a list of key hardware components that sufficiently precise describe the benchmarked system.

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Inter-connect

1.1.3 Compiler description

1.2 Links

Cross checking OpenFOAM and Fluent results of CFD simulations in ENEA-GRID environment
AMD's 'Istanbul' six-core Opteron processors - STARS Euler3d computational fluid dynamics
Compiler Usage Guidelines for 64-Bit Operating Systems on AMD64

-- DSpreitz 13:20, 13 June 2009 (UTC)