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1 OpenFOAM Turbomachinery Working Group

The OpenFOAM Turbomachinery Working Group has been presented at the Second OpenFOAM Workshop held in Zagreb in June 2007. See [1] for more information.

Join the Sig Turbomachinery e-mail list to be part of the discussions - send an e-mail to the Sig Turbomachinery responsibles.

Short personal presentations

2 Objectives

  • Identify common interests with OpenFOAM for turbomachinery, and plan joint activities.
  • Develop OpenFOAM for turbomachinery applications, including pre-processing, solution methods, and post-processing.
  • Provide tutorials on how to produce accurate results using OpenFOAM in turbomachines.
  • Distribute relevant validation test cases and corresponding OpenFOAM applications.
  • Use OpenFOAM to develop Best Practice Guidelines for CFD in turbomachines.
  • Connect people with the same interest: OpenFOAM and turbomachinery.
  • Organize meetings, workshops and collaborations.

3 Work space

4 Current projects