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The todo items we wrote during the meetings on the flip charts are listed below.

Aniko - putting up validation cases for ABL flow around buildings

Mirza - put up instruction regarding the use of meshlab put up his linear turbulence model

Carlos - put up instructions on turning a point cloud to a STL file with matlab. I think this should be on a dedicated page on getting and processing terrain data (DTM and as such) to STL files for meshing with SHM.

Hanan - put up instructions on turning a point cloud to STL through paraview.

Jonas - reading map format of z0 distribution (the WAsP format) and turning it to a set of boundary conditions. Hanan will supply a test case. The idea is to use [Xabier Pedruelo Tapia's]] code for Ks and Cs and either change that to z0 for the use with the new nutkAtmRoughWallFunction introduced in OF 2.1.1 or leave it as Cs and Ks distributions to use with the nutkRoughWallFunction BC.

--Hananlevy (talk) 00:21, 5 October 2012 (CEST) I have put up a github project with working code that does this - using Xabier Perdulo Tapia's C code with python (pyFoam mostly) wrapping. check it out at github

I think the main idea is to create new pages on the wiki and insert each of the items above. For instructions on how to do this [I am available] . You first need to register on the site, I think that's a breeze. --Hananlevy 10:35, 11 July 2012 (CEST)