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1 Introduction[edit]

Dedicated to and done by the community that uses OpenFOAM technology. is a portal in the sense that it enables a sound interconnection for sharing world-wide joint developments on using and extending OpenFOAM related technology, may it be based on the OpenFOAM® CFD toolbox or any forks/variants that originated from it.

Anyone and everyone is welcome in sharing information on this wiki, but keep in mind that:

Please keep in mind that this offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD® Limited, the producer of the OpenFOAM® software and owner of the OpenFOAM® and OpenCFD® trade marks.

2 Getting started with OpenFOAM technology[edit]

As this portal is constantly growing, the Main_Page acts a short list of important links to several important locations where you can find more about OpenFOAM® as a toolbox and as a technology, as well as other related technologies and user groups.

For a comprehensive list of known forks and variants of OpenFOAM technology, have a look at this page: Forks and Variants

Beyond this, just pointing out the Handy_links page, so you won't forget that when it comes to OpenFOAM technology, you should read/study as much as you can!

3 Asking Questions and Getting Answers[edit]

All depends on what you're asking and what kind of answers you're looking for:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
There is a dedicated page for this, available in two forms:
  • Categorically structured: FAQ
  • One single long page: FAQLong
Forums and Discussion Groups
These are used as the most conventional way of asking questions and sharing knowledge with others. For instructions on how to communicate with others through these groups: HowTo_Get_Help_On_The_Message_Board
Known forums:
OpenFOAM Forum at
This is considered to be the main forum for discussing everything related to OpenFOAM technology. Note: Must register to access and see attachments, and must write in English only!
The OpenFOAM® Extend Project
Also known as the -Extend Project Community Portal, it's dedicated to extending software based in OpenFOAM technology and closely connected to the foam-extend. Note Must register in order to access these discussion groups!
OpenFOAM tag at
The Computational Science group at StackExchange has a tag dedicated to OpenFOAM, where people sometimes find it easier to ask questions and get answers, albeit it might not yet be as popular.
Warning: But keep in mind that this way of communication usually does not work in real-time and any and all answers might take a lot longer than you might wish for them to come!
Special Interest Groups
These groups are usually already organized and working on their particular topic: Main_Special_Interest_Groups
Local User Groups
Feel the need to interact directly with fellow OpenFOAM technology users in a particular part of the world? Here's a list of those user groups: Main_Local_User_Groups
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