For future reference, this page is meant to be preserved as a pseudo-redirect

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Greetings to all!

This discussion thread is to leave a couple of historic details regarding the existence of this page:

  1. Yesterday I redirected the page for the Extend-bazaar/Toolkits/OpenFuelCell to Contrib/OpenFuelCell, because the project OpenFuelCell is technically not part of the Extend-bazaar effort.
  2. Then I happened upon the page Extend-bazaar/solvers/multiphase, which only had a link to the Contrib/waves2Foam page. I incorrectly added 1+1 and since the waves2Foam project is using the SVN repository at, I concluded that the sensible thing to do was to move the page to this bazaar section, since it would then look more neatly organized within the automatic sub-page trees that this section of the wiki is using.
  3. Instead of first asking about the details on this to the author Niels Jacobsen, I went ahead and made the move, both here on the wiki (leaving a redirect), as well as rectified the links at the respective announcements thread at CFD-Online.
  4. Fortunately I had half a brain still working yesterday and checked with the author if this was OK.
  5. Today I got the answer and have undone the changes, since technically the Contrib/waves2Foam project is not part of the Extend-bazaar effort (or at least not yet).
  6. In addition, I've created this page Extend-bazaar/solvers/multiphase/waves2Foam so that it will properly pop-up in the sub-pages tree at Extend-bazaar and so on.

Conclusion: I'm leaving this message here, in an attempt to avoid someone else (e.g. myself) making similar changes in 1-3 years time ;)

Best regards,

Wyldckat (talk)13:03, 1 February 2015