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00:22, 9 May 2019 Wyldckat (Talk | contribs) New reply created (Reply to Can/should links to paid tutorials be listed here?)
00:52, 8 May 2019 Wyldckat (Talk | contribs) New thread created  

I was doing some maintenance on the tutorials section, after seeing that the links from Tobi were all dead for now...

But only afterwards the maintenance and while I was writing to Tobi to let him know, did I remember to check his recent paid tutorials that are located here: - and a good chunk of the tutorials are now available/updated there.

So I'm opening this discussion topic, because I'm divided between providing links to paid tutorials or not...

Wyldckat (talk)00:52, 8 May 2019

After mulling over this topic for ~24h, I concluded that it would be OK to reinstate the link to Tobi's website, namely the link to the tutorials page. Not only because his tutorials are too precious to not at least mention them here, as well as the fact that the GUI page references paid/commercial software.

However, I didn't list all of the available tutorials, given that there are a lot and can change over time.

Wyldckat (talk)00:22, 9 May 2019