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Hello everyone!

This is Raj Saini here.

I have extensive research experience in various area and have more than 11 years of hands-on experience solving various fields.

Research interests include computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of engineering fluid flow problems including single and multi-phase flow; turbulent flow in high-performance computing (HPC) environment, simulation and modeling and prediction of two-phase heat transfer for advanced technologies including solvent extraction column and photo-bioreactor.

I seek to collaborate with an organization working in various fields .i.e. simulation and modeling, multi-phase flow, computational fluid dynamics, turbulent flow, heat, and mass transfer.

I specialize in handling CFD projects for Chemical engineering, Oil and gas, Biotechnology, Renewable and Alternative energy, Internal combustion, Aerospace & Automotive, Climate modelling and High- performance computing (HPC) sectors.

Dr. Raj Kumar Saini Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (PDF.) Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (Ph.D.) Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (M.Tech.) Skype:  saini.rajkumar Alt. Email Id: