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Leoben, May 16,2010.

The front page now has dynamic content that changes automagically

The three types of additional content are:

News Items
News that is sorted by the time it was inserted (News items are found at Category:NewsItem)
Future events. These are inserted in textual form and as a timeline on the top the page (all events are found at Category:Event
The article of the hour
Every hour an article is drawn from this pool Category:FeaturedArticle and a short abstract is displayed

Articles can be quite easily added to one of these categories, but please:

  • make sure that the Category-tag is nested inside of <noinclude>
  • there is a short (one or two sentences) abstract at the start of the article and make sure it is the only part that will be shown in the summaries (by using <noinclude> or <includeonly> - have a look at Contrib_groovyBC and Local_User_Groups_/_Local_User_Group_Germany to see how they are used)
  • make sure that is relevant to the general public (if in doubt ask)
  • events will need additional tags (have a look at the source of OpenSource_CFD_Conference_2010
  • articles may belong to more than one of the category (usually an event is also a news item)

Articles that do not conform to this will have the category-tag removed.

This should enable the general public to add relevant content to the front page without

  • messing up the layout
  • going through one of the Wiki admins

Due to technical reasons it is possible that articles do not appear immediately on the front page (this will take a couple of hours) but they will be immediately visible in the list of their categories

The whole thing is based upon Semantic MediaWiki. If someone has an idea how to use this to improve other parts of the Wiki: go ahead

--Bgschaid 11:55, 16 May 2010 (UTC)