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1 Description

Quoting from the openFuelCell project page:

The openFuelCell project is a forum to develop open source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to model fuel cells. Fuel cells are devices that convert hydrogen and oxygen to water and electricity, and are promising renewable energy conversion devices. Computational fluid dynamics tools are used to size and rate fuel cell systems. OpenFoam is an open source CFD toolbox, available for downloading at, written in C++ and conforming to the object-oriented paradigm.

Note (30 October 2016)
Development seems to be ongoing, as reported in the following entries:
But there is no clear indication of where the source code is currently available.

2 Installation

Valid versions: OF Version 21x.png

Instructions are available in two pages:

3 Documentation

Full documentation available here: Documentation

4 Discussion threads

Here is a list of known discussion threads regarding this toolkit:

5 History

  • 17:02, 30 October 2016 (CET): Added note to the description about the current location and development of the source code.
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