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This Wiki collects information about the OpenSource CFD toolbox OpenFOAM and provides a platform for collaborations

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1.1 Other

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2 Events

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3 Learn

3.1 Training
  • Foundation and Advanced courses provided by OpenCFD and SGI.
  • Introductory and Advanced courses provided by Wikki and Gompute.
  • User and Programming courses provided by Icon
  • Beginner, Advanced & Paraview training provided by move-csc
  • University courses for Industry at Chalmers Professional Education
3.2 Tutorials

4 Use

4.1 Tips and Tricks
4.2 Other Tools
4.3 Tools on this Wiki

5 Develop

5.1 General
5.2 OpenFoam-extend
5.3 Howto...
5.4 Forge

6 The page of the hour

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7 Community

  • Users: Persons and Institutions that use OpenFOAM
7.1 Special interest groups
7.2 Local user groups

8 Links

8.1 Wiki links

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8.2 Active sites

FoamCFD (English) | OFWikiJa (Japanese) | University of Rostock wiki (German) | Mavimo (Italian) | CFD Italia (Italian) | Notes on CFD (Portuguese)

8.3 Commercial Companies

9 Legal

  • The contents on this site is published under GNU FDL
  • "OpenFOAM" is a registered trademark of OpenCFD
  • This site is not affiliated with OpenCFD Ltd

10 News

10.1 News/ Events/Deadline for next release of foam-extend (December 2014)

It is our pleasure to announce the upcoming release of the next foam-extend code, which should be released before the end of the year 2014. The deadline for contributions to the next foam-extend release is set to November 10th 2014 (in two months). Following the spirit of a true open source effort, we invite the community to contribute with new features and bug fixes. The procedure for contributors can be found at:

Date: 2014/09/15 Location: Worldwide

10.2 News/OpenFOAM-extend BugTracker migrated

Because the old Mantis-bugtracker was discontinued by SourceForge it was migrated here

Date: 2014/06/19

10.3 Events/foam-extend-3.1 released

Jun 18, 2014 in Everywhere, World

Foam-extend-3.1 finally released

See full article or [1] for details

10.4 Events/Testing phase for foam-extend-3.1

Jun 8, 2014 in Everywhere, World

Testing phase for the next release of foam-extend 3.1

See full article or MessageBoard Announcement for details

10.5 Events/Deadline for foam-extend-3.1

May 25, 2014 in Everywhere, World

Contributions for the next release of foam-extend 3.1 accepted

See full article or MessageBoard Announcement for details

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