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1 General

2 Workshops, conferences etc

3 Training material / Tutorials

4 Papers etc

  • The FoamCFD website contain's some papers and PhD-thesis that explain some of the foundations of OpenFOAM

5 Foam Developers

6 OpenFOAM Wikis/Sites in other languages

  • OpenFOAM Wiki in Japanese
  • A German OpenFOAM-Wiki at the University of Rostock
  • Mavimo's website (an italian site) contanining presentations and some training material
  • CFD Italia (an italian site) contanining some training material and tutorial on CFD and OpenFOAM and also related software (like gmsh, paraview, ...)
  • Notes in CFD is a Brazilian blog (in portuguese) with general CFD contents and OpenFOAM tips (installation, use, and programming)
  • openfoamfoorumi Information channel for the OpenFOAM users in Finland
  • OSFRI Danish open source software platform for CFD.
  • OS-CFD Russian site about OpenSource CFD software (mainly, OpenFOAM and SALOME)
  • OpenFOAM research A Chinese blog for OpenFOAM (solver description,usage, programming, etc)

7 In the News

Articles about OpenFOAM

  • Computerwoche (a german publication) about OpenFOAM going OpenSource
  • Pro-Linux (another german site) about OpenFOAM going OpenSource
  • ZdNet (it's in English!!) about OpenFOAM going OpenSource
  • CNet about OpenFOAM going OpenSource (again!)
  • A french interview with Henry Weller
  • NewZ a danish site about ..... Sorry. I don't understand danish