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Oodles was a generic single-phase incompressible LES solver which allowed the user to choose among a wide variety of sub-grid scale models. Starting from OpenFOAM-1.6, oodles has been replaced by pisoFoam.

The implemented models are:

  • Smagorinsky Smagorinsky model
  • Smagorinsky2 Smagorinsky model with 3-D filter
  • dynSmagorinsky Dynamic Smagorinsky
  • scaleSimilarity Scale similarity model
  • mixedSmagorinsky Mixed Smagorinsky/scale similarity model
  • dynMixedSmagorinsky Dynamic mixed Smagorinsky/scale similarity model
  • oneEqEddy k-equation eddy-viscosity model
  • dynOneEqEddy Dynamic k-equation eddy-viscosity model
  • locDynOneEqEddy Localised dynamic k-equation eddy-viscosity model
  • spectEddyVisc Spectral eddy viscosity model
  • LRDDiffStress LRR differential stress model
  • DeardorffDiffStress Deardorff differential stress model
  • SpalartAllmaras Spalart-Allmaras model

It is also possible to choose among the following ways of calculating delta:

  • PrandtlDelta Prandtl delta
  • cubeRootVolDelta Cube root of cell volume delta
  • smoothDelta Smoothing of delta

Both van Driest damping functions and wall functions can be selected for wall treatment.