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Valid versions: OF version 12.png

This utility is no longer maintained! Its functionality can be easily emulated with swak4Foam (a recipe is found here)

1 Short description

Calculates the mass flow through boundary patches and face sets

2 Motivation

This utility was written to compare simulations with the equivalent Fl�?¼nt-cases.

3 Usage

The utility is controlled by a Dictionary. The contents of the dictionary are

  • a list bcs of names of the surfaces. The surfaces can be
    • boundary patches
    • face sets
  • for incompressible calculations a density rho can be defined. This is used to correct (in other words multiply) the results to get the same values as those printed by Fluent.
  • for radial/symmetric calculations a scaleFactor can be defined

4 Notes

  • The utility can be used for compressible and incompressible faces
  • The utility assumes the existence of a phi (if phi is missing for a time-step, no calculation is done for that time-step)
  • It does not work in parallel. For parallel calculations of the mass-flow there is a discussion on the Message board.

5 Download

The tar file with the sources

Also needed is the library for cellSets and faceSets.

To compile with version 1.3 see HowTo_port_from_older_versions_to_13

6 History

  • First version
  • 27 Feb 2006: New Version that compiles with 1.2
  • 23 May 2006: Include reference to external library

--Bgschaid 21:21, 15 Aug 2005 (CEST)