News/Improvement of the way things can be added on the Wiki-frontpage - September 2013

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To help people add things to the front page of the Wiki two new things have been added

  • "Subpages" for "Learn" and "Link" that can be edited by everyone
  • Forms for News-items and Events

Date: 2013/09/10 Location: Leoben, Austria

The main page of the Wiki can not be edited without special privileges. The reason for this was vandalism in the past. To allow people adding content to the front-page the possibility to add dynamic content has been added in the past (see this article). This is now being extended so that people only have to fill out forms:

New items can be edited in two simple steps from this form
New events can be added from this form

To allow people to enter non-dynamic content to the front-page two "subpages" have been added. Editing this adds content to the front-page. The modifiable sections are

Section 3 - Learn 
edit this page
Section 8 - Links
edit this page to add external links

18:50, 10 September 2013 (CEST)