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News/ Events/Deadline for next release of foam-extend (December 2014) +Worldwide  +
News/FEATool Multiphysics 1.8 with OpenFOAM MATLAB CFD GUI +Hong Kong  +
News/Improvement of the way things can be added on the Wiki-frontpage - September 2013 +Leoben, Austria  +
News/PFAU XII Meeting in Linz, March 15th 2016 +Linz, Wissensturm (Stadtbibliothek).  +
News/PFAU18 graz: July 3rd 2019 (Austrian User Meeting) +Institute of Process and Particle Engineering Graz University of Technology Inffeldgasse 13/HS i8  +
News/Tutorial Wiki and Relation To This Site +Cologne, Germany  +


Release 1.7 of OpenFOAM +London  +
Release 1.7.1 of OpenFOAM +London  +
Release 2.0.0 of OpenFOAM +London  +
Release 2.0.1 of OpenFOAM +London  +
Release 2.1.0 of OpenFOAM +London  +


SGI Acquires OpenCFD Ltd +Fremont, Calif  +


WikiNews Added dynamic content to the front page +Leoben  +
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