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Wyldckat - These are some old mental notes of mine, related to cross-compiling and compiling OpenFOAM for Windows. I'm leaving them here for historic reference:

  • gcc-4.3.3 mingw32 should build now under stable releases of cygwin 1.7... still have to figure out which package has langinfo.h (still haven't found which package has it...)
  • still have to figure out if it is just FUD what they say about "unstable" due to file sensitivity... although... I can't seem to find where I read that now... so, it seems safe enough...
  • development of OpenFOAM 1.6.x and OpenFOAM 1.5-dev seem to be possible now under cygwin. It is more advisable to do a "local cross-compile", so OpenFOAM can run without cygwin "limited layer" ;)
  • debugging of the cross-compiled version should be possible, using a cygwin based IDE... since it all runs in Windows...
  • getting OpenFOAM headers to work with native Windows, can be done by using the -E option of gcc... in other words, preprocess the code using a cgywin based (cross-)compiler for native mingw to use... or even M$ Developer studio.... search for compatible stdint.h... because MSVC isn't fully compatible with C99 standard... and are still new on the C++0 thing...
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